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Speech Therapy

The speecHelp Clinic

Did u know that communication (speech and language) problems affect one in approximately 20 children in asia (according to the National Institute of deafness and other communication disorders) ???

A speech language pathologist is uniquely qualified to assess and treat such communication impairments.

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.” Latin Proverb

Why do children have difficulty learning to talk?

We are involved with giving speech and language related talks,seminars, talks, tutorials to students, teachers, parents and the general public.

  • Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Specific Language Impairment (SLI)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Cleft of Lip and Palate
  • Speech and Language Delay
  • Stuttering (Stammering)
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Articulation and Phonological Disorders
  • Childhood Apraxia and Dysarthria
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Childhood Aphasia
  • Voice problems etc

  • Some Myths and Facts related to speech and language problems:

    A large number of ancient beliefs have found to delay or prevent early identification and treatment of speech and language problems. Concerned parents and caregivers must research into such information before acting upon them.Given below are some common myths and the facts:

    Myth: People will grow out of stuttering.
    Fact:Teenagers are unlikely to grow out of their stuttering. Some young children will stop stuttering within 12 months, but as a teenager / adult, this is extremely unlikely.

    Myth: People who stutter are not as clever as others.
    Fact: There is no link whatsoever between stuttering and intelligence.

    Myth: Children with a hearing loss will experience delays in communication and language.
    Fact: Early, quality intervention promotes age- appropriate Communication and language growth in many children.

    Myth: Only some children benefit from early identification of a hearing loss and early intervention services.
    Fact: Children benefit from early identification and effective early intervention regardless of individual differences.

    Myth: The child is too young to be tested.
    Fact: Assessment can be done indirectly through play, language understanding capacity and non- verbal language.

    Myth: Speech Therapy can make my child talk instantly.
    Fact: Therapy involves a series of activities to meet specific goals and these goals are achieved over a period of time and involves many factors within and outside the child.

    "If a thousand old beliefs were ruined in our march to truth we must still march on."- Stopford Brooke"